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Precision Pliers & Cutters

Model Product Image Item Name
1PK-036S 1PK-036S Long Nose Plier (136mm)

1PK-036S Long Nose Plier (136mm)

                    Features   Hot drop forged from carbon steel ...
1PK-037S 1PK-037S Diagonal Cutting Plier (110mm)

1PK-037S Diagonal Cutting Plier (110mm)

       ?        Features   OAL: 110     ...
1PK-046S 1PK-046S Needle Nose Plier (150mm )

1PK-046S Needle Nose Plier (150mm )

      Features   ? Finish: Electroplate ? OAL.: 150     ...
1PK-054S 1PK-054S Flat Nose Plier (135mm )

1PK-054S Flat Nose Plier (135mm )

                Features   OAL: 135     ...
1PK-055S 1PK-055S Bent Nose Plier (130mm)

1PK-055S Bent Nose Plier (130mm)

               Features   OAL: 130     ...
1PK-066N 1PK-066N 2-In-1 Wire Stripper/Cutter

1PK-066N 2-In-1 Wire Stripper/Cutter

        Features   Made of stainless steel, hardened finish. Combine cutting with stripping function,...
1PK-102-E 1PK-102-E Long Nose Plier W/Conductive Handle 145mm

1PK-102-E Long Nose Plier W/Conductive Handle 145mm

                     Features   Made from high carbon steel....
1PK-106 1PK-106 Heavy Cutting Plier (125mm)

1PK-106 Heavy Cutting Plier (125mm)

        Features   OAL: 125           Specification ...
1PK-107 1PK-107 Long Nose Plier (135mm)

1PK-107 Long Nose Plier (135mm)

       Features   OAL: 130           Specification   ...
1PK-256B 1PK-256B Slim Cutter (120mm)

1PK-256B Slim Cutter (120mm)

       Features   ? Double leaf spring ? A range of ergonomic handle design ? OAL.: 120     ...