Telecom & Network Installation Tool Kit 110V/Inch Size


All the tools in this professional Aluminum tool case are speciallyselected for telecom installer, network and CCTV, CATV engineers.
It’s complete, professional and convenient for tracing and installing cables quickly and accurately.


•It is a complete solution for wiring, including cutting, stripping, crimping, punch down tools and testers.
•With the Cable Sniffer-Remote provides to test open, short, miswired and cross-connected for RJ-45, RJ-11, USB and BNC cables.
•Including new Pro-Crimper with 4 die sets for crimping UTP, STP, coaxial and flat telephone cables.
•The Pen-sized digital contact voltage tester for quick and easy AC/DC voltage testing.
•This set also comes with soldering iron, pliers, screwdrivers, hex key wrenches, hammer offering the best total solution for telecom and network jobs.
•Rugged and Heavy duty aluminum frame tool case with metal protective corner to hold all tools for safety.
•Additional soft sided tool pouch offers to keep your tools and suppliers handy for convenient work



•CP-3140 Punch down tool (with 110 blades)
•5CP-3140-66 Replacement Blade for CP-3140 with 66 Type
•9CP-336DH1 Die Set for CP-372T CATV F Connectors RG 59,6
•9CP-336DP1 Die Set for CP-372S RG 58,59,62,6
•DK-2039 Utility Knife(3 Blades Self Loading)
•DK-2047N Electrician’s Scissors
•DP-366D Desoldering Pump
•9FL-506 Flash Light
•1PK-H026 Adjustable wrenches 6”
•9IT PVC Insulated tape
•NT-305 Contact Voltage Tester
•PK-051AS 8” Combination Plier
•PK-067AS 6” Side Cutting Plier
•PK-709AS 6” Long Nose Plier
•PK-SC109A/PK-SC109B Quick Heat Ceramic Soldering Iron 110V
•PN-P008 Groove Joint Plier 8”
•SD-202A Pro-Soft Screwdriver (-5 5x75mm)
•SD-202B Pro-Soft Screwdriver (+#1 5x75mm)
•SD-207A Pro-Soft Screwdriver (-6 6x100mm)
•SD-207B Pro-Soft Screwdriver (+#2 6x100mm)
•SD-220A Pro-Soft Screwdriver (-6 6x40mm)
•SD-220B Pro-Soft Screwdriver (+#2 6x40mm)
•CP-501B Wire Stripper Tool
•DK-2040 Measuring Tape (3M/10FT)
•HW-129BA: 9PCS Ball Point Long Arm Hex Key Set
1/16", 5/64", 1/32", 1/8", 5/32", 3/16", 1/4", 5/16", 3/8"
•MT-7057 Cable Sniffer-Remote
•MT-8091 In-Line Modular Adapters 4/6/8 Pin 3 In 1
•PD-2607 Ball Peen Hammer with Fiberglass Handle
•SR-332 All Purpose Snip
•ST-2012H Soft Side Tool Pouch
•TC-736 Aluminum Frame Tool Case W/2 Pallets
•Dimension: 482x323x158mm

Individual Packing
•Color Box

  • Model: PK-4028AI
  • Manufactured by: Pro'sKit

AL-JASIM Traders - Pro'sKit Distributor for Pakistan